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Dive into the breadth of our services, sculpted to uplift the living experience of our residents. Each service is a testament to our dedication to enhancing well-being and championing independence.

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Home Cooked Meals and Snacks

Savor nutritious, home-cooked meals and snacks daily.

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Activities to Keep Residents Active

Engage in activities designed to energize and inspire.

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On-Site Administrator and Manager

Trust in the expertise of our on-site administrators.

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Explore a plethora of additional services we provide.

IntroducingOhana Excellence Assisted Living

Delve into a realm where compassion meets care and comfort blends seamlessly with quality. We invite you to explore OHANA EXCELLENCE ASSISTED LIVING, a haven designed with the meticulous care and warmth our residents deserve. Our commitment is to enrich the lives of our residents through services that respect individuality and foster a sense of belonging. Embrace this journey with us as we strive to turn every day into an opportunity for growth and happiness.

Our Commitment Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer exceptional care, upholding values of kindness, compassion, and excellence while cherishing the individuality and dignity of everyone in our community. We celebrate life's journey at all stages, acknowledging it as a precious shared gift laden with challenges. As we navigate this journey together, we extend beyond physical care, offering emotional comfort and support as a testament to our privileged involvement in the lives of our residents and their families.

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Our Assisted Living Staff

Meet our dedicated, compassionate assisted living staff.

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